Fun Things to do and Best Place to Stay in Katra

The peak of one’s religious duties and practices is when he/she visits a pilgrim place. Pilgrimages can strengthen one’s touch with their spiritual and religious self. India is home to pilgrim places for several religions and Katra is one of them.

Katra has been attracting devotees from around the world to its famous shrine Vaishno Devi Temple. Find the best place to stay in Katra well in advance as getting rooms in the desired hotel can be difficult during the peak season. The path to the shrine is a 12-kilometer trek from Katra. For those for whom walking all the way may be difficult, there is also a ‘palky’ service. This can be ideal for taking senior citizens and those with any kind of disability. There is also a helicopter service from Katra to the Sanjichatt helipad. The temple is at a short walking distance from the helipad. The helicopter services are affordable and can be booked online.

The town is often the home base where devotees rest and spend time before and after the trek to the Vaishno Devi Temple. Find the best place to stay in Katra for your trip well in advance to ensure you get one of the best and comfortable places for you and your family.

Apart from being a town important for its shrines, the city is also gaining importance as a tourist spot. The city’s location in the hills has endowed with the best of climate and some of the most picturesque sceneries.  Here are some of the things you can enjoy if you have some free time after visiting the temples.

  The Sulla park in Reasi is a popular spot among families and solo travelers. The park is well maintained and has water rides that are safe for kids. Find the best place to stay in Katra near the park if it is on your list of places to visit.

•  Head to the Sehar Baba waterfall in Reasi to enjoy a dip amidst the beauty of Jammu. The waterfall is ideal only if you go in the non-winter months as the water can sometimes freeze or may be too cold for a dip. Nonetheless, the falls are a treat to the eyes all times of the year. There is also a small temple right next to it, which you can visit as well.

  For the adventurous, the white river rafting is another popular activity in Katra. There are several adventure activity companies in the region who can help you with this.

So what are you waiting for plan your next trip to Katra well in advance so that you can get the best place to stay in Katra without any hassles. The weather in the town is more favorable in the months between March and October but can be visited throughout the year if you don’t mind extreme weather conditions. If you are planning to visit the city for solely tourism, then visiting Katra during the religiously non-important days would be ideal.

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